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Frequently Asked Questions

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The suggested timeline is to take two courses per quarter for four quarters, which is one year of part-time studies.

Academic requirements for the Web Development Certificate are:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • College-level English Composition or equivalent
  • College-level Math or equivalent

Additional requirements:

YES, you can receive Federal Financial Aid to help pay for this certificate. To get started on the process, complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid and list Seattle University as the school you will be attending.

When you submit your application to the Web Development Certificate, be sure to include your Social Security Number on the application. (It is an optional field since it is only used to connect your financial aid application with your student record.)

If you have additional questions about Federal Student Aid, read the Federal Student Aid for Adult Students brochure, available directly from the Federal Student Aid office.

We do not assume any prior experience with programming, but we require you to take a basic skills test to evaluate your computing ability. The more savvy you are with computers, games, software, and gadgets, then the more likely you are to be successful. You will undoubtedly find yourself challenged, and for some people the process of learning to code can require a significant reworking of their problem-solving skills.

There is no magic to coding, and anyone who can write and follow a set of directions can learn to code. If you are an avid chef, tailor, carpenter, or crafter, then you are probably creating and following algorithms without realizing it. We provide a supportive environment where everyone can learn the skills they need to build incredible websites, and that does not require you to already know how to write software.

Yes! Courses may be taken purely online or in hybrid format. In hybrid courses, regular face-to-face meetings allow you to connect with classmates, other developers, and potential employers. Online courses use a robust Slack community to provide support and direct interaction with instructors and fellow students.

The Basic Computing Skills Test is a short series of questions that are designed to gauge your computing experience level and readiness for advanced training in a technical field.

The test can let you know if you are ready to tackle this challenge. Although we do not expect you to have any prior programming experience, and you do not have to be able to “do HTML” before you enter the program, you should be familiar with how the web works from an end-user point of view. (That's developer jargon for “People who don't make websites.”)

The Basic Skills Test should be quite easy. If it's not, then you should seek out more basic computer use or application-specific courses to develop your abilities before embarking on this certificate program.

You can take the test before you fill out an application. Click here to try the test.

Applications are accepted until four (4) weeks prior to the academic quarter's start date. Start dates can be found on the Seattle University homepage.

Please send transcripts to the following address:

Seattle University
Web, Application and Technology Studies
901 12th Ave - LSAX 240
Seattle, WA 98122

Yes, veterans may use VA benefits (GI BIll) to help pay the cost of this certificate program.

The Courses, Careers, and About pages describe the program, how it has been put together, and the career options in the industry.

If you have any questions, or just want to talk about, how you can fit the program into your busy schedule, please get in touch. We are happy to schedule phone calls, online chats, and in-person meetings to discuss whatever concerns or questions you have about enrolling in the program.


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